John Hattaway

John Hattaway

A Pensacola native, John has worked in many different facets of the building world, from construction to development to, of course, home design. It is with this unique understanding of each element of the building process that he appraoches the designing of your new home.

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Hattaway Home Design

For over 15 years, John Hattaway has brought his knowledge of the construction world into design to help families design their dream homes.

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ICF Houses
It'll blow your mind.

ICF stands for "Insulated Concrete Forms;" these homes are built using 1-foot-thick styrofoam blocks filled with concrete for the exterior walls, which not only provides superior durability, but also energy efficiency. They are especially great in hot, hurricane-prone Florida. John Hattaway has been designing with ICF for nearly two decades!

Piling Homes.
Perfect for the beach!

Piling homes are homes built atop piles instead of the more traditional concrete slab. The piles are driven deep into the soil, and the living quarters are built essentially a floor up.

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Custom Designs:
Design Your Dream Home!

Hattaway Home Design works with you to create custom plans for your dream home. Using 3D design modeling programs, he is able to show you an interactive rendering of your design, which helps to ensure that what you envision is being communicated!

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